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WAR OPERATION™ : Full Contact
Second Private Alpha Campaign

Test the product in the early access alpha while being in close contact with the developers, fill out this form and get access to one of the most iconic urban combat of the warfare history in WAR OPERATION™ : Full Contact.

This request form will allow you to play to the upcoming Private Alpha of the game after a verification by dev team. Without it being automatic, we can also authorize Steam keys to allow testers to directly access the game at the Early Access release.

Required before applying :
● Understand and accept the EULA
● Be registered in any of WAR OPERATION™ community services (Discord/Forum)
● Not being blacklisted by Longmire or banned by WAR OPERATION™ services
● Not having left the Discord or any community service at least once
● Not be part of a video game development or contributing in any other video game
● Understand and accept that access code can't be sold
● Be of legal age in your country of residence
● Windows up-to-date operating system and .NET 5.0 min. installed (Mac/Linux not supported for the Alpha)

Anyone found breaching these rules and the Community Standards, is subject to a permanent ban.

WAR OPERATION™ uses LONGMIRE® SOFTWARE CONTROL SYSTEM, that tracks your usage. By clicking Next, you accept the above, our EULA (https://longmirestudio.com/eula) and our privacy policy (https://longmire.eu/privacy)

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